About Aquaplan

With Aquaplan, everyone can improve and protect their home and garden. Moisture problems, roof coverings, insulation... we have been helping our customers protect their homes and gardens for over 30 years! Our aim is to help DIYers achieve results that rival those of professionals. That's why we guide you every step of the way, making every job easier.

This is our history. This is why thousands of customers have trusted Aquaplan for over 30 years!

  • 1985
    Created with Sketch. Launch of Aquaplan

    Atab, a leader in professional roofing solutions, decided the time was right to enter the Belgian DIY market! Aquaplan was created in 1985. DIYers discovered the Aquaplan range at several DIY shops and hardware stores.

  • Establishment of Aquaplan in the Netherlands

    Aquaplan successfully introduced its DIY concept in the Netherlands. This made Aquaplan the market leader in the Benelux.

  • First appearance at Batibouw

    To reinforce its success, Aquaplan made its first appearance at the important Batibouw trade fair. This fair is the 'place to be' for every builder and DIYer in Belgium. Presence at these and other trade shows boosted the Aquaplan brand amongst retailers and consumers.

  • Aquaplan is everywhere

    Aquaplan continued to work on its brand awareness. The coastal tram was covered with Aquaplan advertising, and thousands of listeners got to know us better through radio ads on Radio 2.

  • New product range

    Aquaplan's success continued growing and we updated the entire range of liquid waterproofing products in 1992. We built a new tank yard and a new production hall. We also put into use new mixers, filling lines and packaging machines.

  • Aquaplan & the "Grün Punkt"

    With the Grüne Punkt, Aquaplan committed itself wholeheartedly to ecology. We joined Fost-Plus and Val-i-Pac to reduce and/or recycle packaging waste. The result: Aquaplan was the first company to launch an ecological DIY range. Aquaplan's service and professional approach were appreciated. Belgian distribution rewarded us for this excellent form of cooperation.

  • 2000
    iko Aquaplan member of the IKO Group

    The IKO group acquired Aquaplan/ Atab at the dawn of the new millennium. This group, founded in Canada in 1951, had been active in Belgium since 1972. Thanks to Aquaplan/Atab's range of roofing membranes, bitumen corrugated sheets and liquid waterproofing products, the IKO group became a firm market leader in roofing and insulation products. Antwerp became the European headquarters and knowledge centre of the IKO group.

  • Launch of PIR insulation boards

    Launching this new product was another milestone in the history of Aquaplan/Atab! This insulation board made Atab a manufacturer of total building systems. IKO started producing IKO enertherm PIR insulation boards in Klundert, the Netherlands.

  • Aquaplan's focuses on made-to-measure

    Aquaplan launches its made-to-measure concept. With this total concept, DIYers could order their made-to-measure EPDM rubber roof. More made-to-measure solutions, such as Aqua Tile, Rustic Slate, AquaplanT Green Roof, Drain Pavers, etc., quickly followed. These were also offered to private individuals.

  • 2015
    Created with Sketch. 30 years of Aquaplan with a fresh look

    Aquaplan turned 30 in 2015 and got a new logo, corporate identity, and packaging. A recognisable identity, uniform colour codes and clear photos were the key elements of this major rebranding.